Katka Reszke and Jacqueline Nicholls are Jewish artists and educators based in the US and UK, respectively. 

Since 2015 they have been bringing collaborative programming to the Krakow JCC. This year will mark our first Ride for the Living - please help us support and celebrate Jewish life in Poland against the odds... old and new. 

Ride For The Living (RFTL) is a 4-day event (June 28 - July 1, 2018) that gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the Jewish past, present, and future and to discover and celebrate Jewish life in Poland. A full program of RFTL activities, including the highlight bike ride, will take place during the Jewish Culture Festival (June 23 - July 1, 2018), which welcomes over 30,000 people and offers around 300 events each year. The 2018 edition will mark 5 years of Ride For The Living, 10 years of JCC Krakow, and 30 years of the Jewish Culture Festival. Join us for this meaningful anniversary and become part of Jewish life in Poland!
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About Katka & Jacqueline

JAQUELINE NICHOLLS is a visual artist and Jewish educator, who uses art to engage with traditional Jewish ideas in untraditional ways. She shows her work internationally, and has been included in significant contemporary Jewish art exhibitions. She coordinates the Art Studio at JW3 London and regularly teaches at The London School of Jewish Studies. Jacqueline is a regular broadcaster for BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thought. She is also a big devotee of Northern Soul and funk music, and does a unique Jewish twist on a funk and soul party night called The Rebbetzin’s Disco. 

KATKA RESZKE is a writer, documentary filmmaker, photographer and researcher in Jewish history, culture, and identity. She is the author of "Return Of The Jew: Identity Narratives of the Third Post-Holocaust Generation of Jews in Poland". Her films include "Shimon’s Returns" and "Coming Out Polish Style". She is the chief screenwriter of "Karski & The Lords of Humanity". Born and raised in Poland, Katka is now based in Boston, Massachusetts. She lectures on different aspects of the Polish-Jewish experience at educational and cultural institutions across the globe. Her upcoming book/film project is titled "The Meshugene Effect".