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    Danny Chazonoff

    $500.00 / 213 days ago

    Next year I am hoping to be there with you … I appreciate all you and Maryla have done for me and the MOL trip this year!

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    Jason Agulnik

    $36.00 / 221 days ago

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    Fred Shiff

    $100.00 / 221 days ago

    Marcel. What an honour to have met you and Marilla .Your stories are so meaningful to me and I actually was hoping that you were going to tell them again at the pool party. As you mentioned to me on the flight you may have even crossed paths with my dad so many years ago in the most horrific of conditions. I wish you a safe trip . Go in health. Come in health. Fred

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    Marnie Stern

    $360.00 / 221 days ago

    Dear Marcel, Meeting you and Maryla has enriched my life and the lives of so many others from the MOL tremendously and we are forever grateful to you for sharing your story with us all. I wish you a safe and successful ride and may you continue to enjoy good health for many years to come so you can continue to educate, ride and enjoy life!

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    Liane Eliesen

    $180.00 / 221 days ago

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    Rosanne Kozloff

    $180.00 / 221 days ago

    Dear Marcel, I wish you a safe and successful ride. Your MOL family is so proud of you. I am so grateful to have met you and count myself lucky to know you. Lots of love to you and your amazing family.

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    Michael Noik

    $180.00 / 221 days ago

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    Michael Bouhadana

    $72.00 / 221 days ago

    Dear Marcel, you truly are an exceptional individual, an inspiration and a beacon of light and hope. I feel very privileged to have met you. Thank you for sharing your stories and continuing in your mission of strengthening the Jewish flame of hope. Wishing you a long and healthy life and best success to you and your team on the ride for the living 2018.

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    Shelley Lewkowict

    $36.00 / 221 days ago

    Marcelle, you are an inspiration to all of us! You are courageous and kind, wise and warm. Thank you for so generously sharing your story with the world. Strength and success to you on your incredibly meaningful ride!

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    Judith Bercuvitz

    $30.00 / 259 days ago

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    Harvey Faigan

    $60.00 / 261 days ago

    Best of luck-we're proud of your efforts.

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    Eva Kuper

    $36.00 / 267 days ago

    May you enjoy good health and the energy to continue to support the Jewish Community of Krakow for a long time to come Marcel. You are an inspiration. Eva Kuper

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    Malcolm Markowitz

    $100.00 / 278 days ago

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    Shoshanna Breitbart

    $118.00 / 281 days ago

    Miss you Marcel! You and your team are examples of life, love and strength! Love, Shoshanna

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    Jerry Fuchs

    $25.00 / 282 days ago

    The Boca Raton Bicycle Club (Old Spokes) wishes you the best .

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    Kenneth Schack

    $250.00 / 284 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $36.00 / 284 days ago

    Yours is an inpiring story not just of survival, but also how one can remain healthy, active, and fit at any age.

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    Marie-Christine Aymong

    $150.00 / 288 days ago

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    Bill Greenberg

    $54.00 / 290 days ago

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    Andrew Toeman

    $60.00 / 291 days ago

    Marcel , ride safe with the wind at your back. I’m proud to know you. Andrew

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    Roslyn Richman

    $36.00 / 295 days ago

    Good Luck... Safe Journey...

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    Rick Taraby

    $50.00 / 296 days ago

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    Rick Waldman

    $50.00 / 296 days ago

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    Michael Zigman

    $100.00 / 296 days ago

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    Gerald Wiviott

    $100.00 / 300 days ago

    We are so proud of Team Zielinski! Have a great ride. Jerry

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    Neil Lustig

    $50.00 / 302 days ago

    Good Luck Marcel. You are my Hero.

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    Joel Cohn

    $30.00 / 303 days ago

    Wish we could be there with you. Love “Team Zielinski”.

About Team Zielinski

In January 1945, upon being liberated from Auschwitz at age 10, Marcel walked the very same route to Krakow along which we will ride together. As he completes the route this spring during his fourth Ride For The Living, Marcel will be joined by his son Betzalel and his two granddaughters Tamar and Chen.

The 2018 edition of the Ride will mark 5 years of Ride For The Living and 10 years of the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow. Through Ride For The Living, we are remembering our past, celebrating our present and future, and supporting the Jewish community of Krakow. We invite you to join us.