Ride For The Living 2019

  • $226,969


  • $360,000


About this Cause

Ride For The Living (RFTL) is a four-day event that gives you a chance to immerse yourself in Krakow’s Jewish past, present, and future. Come discover and celebrate Jewish life in Poland. The RFTL boasts a full program of activities, including a private guided tour of Auschwitz, tours of Krakow, participation in the largest Shabbat dinner in post-war Krakow, and an inspiring one-day, 60-mile (97 km) bike ride from Auschwitz-Birkenau to JCC Krakow. This all takes place during the Jewish Culture Festival, which welcomes over 30,000 people and offers around 300 events each year. Ride For The Living supports JCC Krakow’s core programs for all generations of Jewish Krakowians, from the preschoolers in our FRAJDA Early Childhood Center to the Holocaust survivors in our Senior Club. JCC Krakow is the primary agency caring for 60 survivors in Krakow. Over 95% of JCC Krakow’s operating budget is raised overseas from individuals, families, synagogues, foundations, and Jewish Federations. JCC Krakow’s success depends on support from around the world. The entire Krakow Jewish community is grateful for your support!

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